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Certificate Programs

Expand your skills and advance your career with a certificate from Indiana Tech. Our programs help you stand out from the competition in key areas that are in demand by businesses everywhere:

Undergraduate Certificates

  • Entrepreneurial Studies
    Recognize and evaluate business opportunities. Understand the role of the target market in designing product, price, promotion, and distribution strategies. Evaluate the start-up potential of a business idea.
  • Health Care Administration
    Function as both a team member and leader with strong interpersonal skills. Understand health care laws, policies, regulations and technology> Demonstrate a core foundational knowledge in the field of health care administration.
  • Human Resource Management
    Apply business-related legal and ethical principles to decision-making. Facilitate staffing and training needs. Understand the importance of work safety programs.
  • Marketing
    Make decisions related to marketing strategy. Interpret data and provide insight to increase sales. Develop marketing strategies based on target markets.
  • Management
    Effectively lead a group of employees. Think critically and make ethical decisions for the betterment of an organization and its employees. Understand human behavior and motivation in an organizational setting.
  • Production Management
    Identify bottlenecks in production and determine creative solutions. Analyze how to increase efficiency and quality at a lower cost. Adjust production and inventory according to demand.

Graduate Certificates

  • Project Management
    Learn to manage projects of every description. Includes coursework such as Leading Global Projects, Enterprise Resource Planning, Design for Lean Manufacturing and more.
  • Health Care Administration
    Become a health care industry leader with in-depth coursework on health care law, management, operations, finance and policy.
  • Human Resources Management
    Prepare to earn key industry certifications such as those from the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) and Human Resource Certification Institute through coursework in HR Management, Labor Relations, Employment Law, Compensation and Performance Management.
  • Management
    Develop the strategic planning, research, decision-making and problem-solving skills needed to manage organizations of every description. Coursework includes Operations Management, Organizational Behavior, Quality Management, HR Management and more.
  • Marketing
    Learn to lead marketing, advertising and sales operations through coursework in Marketing Management, Marketing Research, International Marketing, Advertising & Promotions, Customer Relationship Management and Professional Selling and Sales Force Management.

Earn Credits Towards a degree

Every certificate course can also be applied toward a Bachelor or MBA program, meaning you can quickly and seamlessly continue your studies to earn your degree. Graduate Certificates at Indiana Tech provide you with 12 total graduate credits—nearly half of the required 30 credits needed to earn your master’s degree.

Eligible for Financial Aid

Just as important, since they are credit-bearing, every certificate program course at Indiana Tech qualifies for financial aid like other college courses. Learn more at

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