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Certificate Programs

Expand your skills and advance your career with a certificate from Indiana Tech. Our programs help you stand out from the competition in key areas that are in demand by businesses everywhere.

Indiana Tech is an approved education provider for Indiana’s Workforce Ready Grant. Qualifying students can have the cost of an undergraduate certificate covered by the grant.

Undergraduate Certificates

  • Accounting  Workforce Ready
    Indiana Tech’s Basic Accounting Undergraduate Certificate program includes the first series of accounting courses in the university’s accounting bachelor’s degree program.
  • Advanced Accounting
    Indiana Tech’s Advanced Accounting Undergraduate Certificate program includes the advanced series of accounting courses in the university’s accounting bachelor’s degree program. The certificate is designed to take students’ existing accounting skills and knowledge to the next level, providing a robust exposure to the various aspects of the profession.
  • Advanced Financial Services
    Indiana Tech’s Advanced Financial Services certificate builds on the topics covered in its Financial Services certificate program, helping students develop the next level of tools and skills needed to succeed in an innovative and complex field.
  • Battery Management Systems
    The electrification of vehicles, industrial equipment and consumer products is happening rapidly across the globe. Battery technologies and systems grow more sophisticated by the day, resulting in great demand for skilled technicians and engineers to work in this vital field.
  • Business Analytics
    The Indiana Tech Business Analytics certificate program provides students with the key business and management knowledge needed to help organizations succeed.
  • Business Communication
    Indiana Tech’s Business Communication certificate is designed to help students master the wide array of communication tools and skills available today.
  • Case Management
    Indiana Tech’s Case Management Undergraduate Certificate provides students with a foundation in psychology, human services and child development.
  • Conflict Resolution
    Indiana Tech’s Conflict Resolution certificate helps students develop the knowledge and skills to identify sources of friction and conflict, and create solutions that solve organizational problems and build stronger relationships.
  • Construction Management  Workforce Ready
    Indiana Tech’s Construction Management Undergraduate Certificate program provides students with the knowledge and skills required to become a leader in the construction profession.
  • Cybersecurity  Workforce Ready
    Indiana Tech’s undergraduate certificate in cybersecurity will arm you with fundamental cybersecurity skills, including ethical hacking, cloud security and digital forensics.
  • Diversity Studies
    Indiana Tech’s Certificate in Diversity Studies can focus on identifying and building theoretical models of equity, diversity, and inclusion for dynamic implementation in existing organizations. Some of these models include recognizing unconscious biases, promoting behavioral change, redefining leadership, valuing and promoting multiple dimensions of diversity, and reinforcing patterns of (dis)engagement.
  • Entrepreneurial Studies
    Recognize and evaluate business opportunities. Understand the role of the target market in designing product, price, promotion, and distribution strategies. Evaluate the start-up potential of a business idea.
  • Financial Services
    Indiana Tech’s Financial Services certificate has been developed to help students understand this essential industry and provide them with the tools and skills needed to succeed.
  • Forensic Science
    Indiana Tech’s Forensic Science Undergraduate Certificate program provides students with a foundation of introductory courses in science, forensic science and criminal justice.
  • Gerontology
    Indiana Tech’s undergraduate certificate in Gerontology prepares students for a rewarding career working with senior citizens.
  • Health Care Administration  Workforce Ready
    Function as both a team member and leader with strong interpersonal skills. Understand health care laws, policies, regulations and technology> Demonstrate a core foundational knowledge in the field of health care administration.
  • Health Science
    Indiana Tech’s Health Science Undergraduate Certificate program provides students with a flexible basis for additional programming in science and related fields like nursing, exercise science, chemistry and psychology.
  • Human Resource Management  Workforce Ready
    Apply business-related legal and ethical principles to decision-making. Facilitate staffing and training needs. Understand the importance of work safety programs.
  • Information Technology  Workforce Ready
    Gain the technical proficiency to advance your career in IT-related positions such as a desktop support technician, network administrator or software support analyst.
  • Legal Studies
    Indiana Tech’s Legal Studies Undergraduate Certificate program is designed to introduce students to aspects of legal studies which would be helpful in law school or other legal-related careers.
  • Medical Coding  Workforce Ready
    Indiana Tech’s Medical Coding certificate prepares students to enter this in-demand career field that features rapidly growing career opportunities with hospitals, health clinics, medical practices, dental offices, chiropractors, medical insurance companies, government agencies, and more.
  • Management  Workforce Ready
    Effectively lead a group of employees. Think critically and make ethical decisions for the betterment of an organization and its employees. Understand human behavior and motivation in an organizational setting.
  • Marketing  Workforce Ready
    Make decisions related to marketing strategy. Interpret data and provide insight to increase sales. Develop marketing strategies based on target markets.
  • Organizational Leadership  Workforce Ready
    Indiana Tech’s Organizational Leadership Undergraduate Certificate program provides students with the knowledge and skills required to manage cross-cultural teams, motivate employees and enhance organizational dynamics.
  • Policing and Corrections
    Indiana Tech’s Policing and Corrections Undergraduate Certificate provides a foundational knowledge of the United States criminal justice system, including policing, juvenile justice, court procedures, criminal behavior and more.
  • Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Layout
    Indiana Tech’s undergraduate certificate in printed circuit board design provides students with the capabilities required to enter and lead the innovative field of PCB layout.
  • Production Management  Workforce Ready
    Identify bottlenecks in production and determine creative solutions. Analyze how to increase efficiency and quality at a lower cost. Adjust production and inventory according to demand.
  • Programmable Logic Controllers
    Indiana Tech’s undergraduate certificate program provides a comprehensive training in the prototyping process, simulation of circuits, mimicking and prototyping an industrial plant and measuring and testing a completed prototype. It will prepare students for a successful career as a PLC, electrical or electronic technician.
  • Programming  Workforce Ready
    Gain the skills needed to secure in-demand positions like programmer, software engineer, system analyst, software developer, database developer and web designer.
  • Sport Management
    Indiana Tech’s Sport Management Certificate is designed to provide students a well-rounded education that exposes them to all aspects of the complex and changing sport business environment.
  • Sports Media
    Indiana Tech can help you tap into this world with an undergraduate certificate in sports media. This certificate will provide you with the fundamental knowledge and skill set needed to develop and deliver communications related to amateur, collegiate and professional sports organizations.
  • Supply Chain Management Workforce Ready
    Gain the theoretical and practical knowledge necessary to operate and analyze successful global supply chains.

Graduate Certificates

  • Business Analytics
    The Indiana Tech Business Analytics certificate program provides students with the key business and management knowledge needed to help organizations succeed.
  • Counseling Psychology
    Indiana Tech’s Counseling Psychology Graduate Certificate program enables students to expand their knowledge and skills, and demonstrate their focus and commitment to this vital field.
  • Data Analytics and Cybersecurity
    Indiana Tech’s Data Analytics and Cybersecurity Graduate Certificate program brings together compelling coursework from the university’s College of Business and Talwar College of Engineering and Computer Sciences.
  • Global Health Leadership
    The Indiana Tech Global Health Leadership graduate certificate is designed to meet this need by preparing leaders to be adaptive and agile in identifying and responding to socio-economic, technical, educational and political needs and disparities that can improve health systems, health education and health service accessibility.
  • Health Care Administration
    Become a health care industry leader with in-depth coursework on health care law, management, operations, finance and policy.
  • Health Information and Cybersecurity
    Indiana Tech’s Health Information and Cybersecurity Graduate Certificate program brings together compelling coursework from the university’s College of Arts and Sciences and Talwar College of Engineering and Computer Sciences.
  • Human Resources Management
    Prepare to earn key industry certifications such as those from the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) and Human Resource Certification Institute through coursework in HR Management, Labor Relations, Employment Law, Compensation and Performance Management.
  • Information Management and Cybersecurity
    Indiana Tech’s Graduate Certificate in Information Management and Cybersecurity provides an understanding of digital enterprise systems such as enterprise resource planning, supply chain management, and customer relationship management systems.
  • Management
    Develop the strategic planning, research, decision-making and problem-solving skills needed to manage organizations of every description. Coursework includes Operations Management, Organizational Behavior, Quality Management, HR Management and more.
  • Marketing
    Learn to lead marketing, advertising and sales operations through coursework in Marketing Management, Marketing Research, International Marketing, Advertising & Promotions, Customer Relationship Management and Professional Selling and Sales Force Management.
  • Organizational Leadership
    Every organization needs dependable leaders who can see the big picture of their company, relevant to growth, profitability and organizational change, as well as have the ability to understand and interpret the company’s mission and strategic plan.
  • Project Management
    Learn to manage projects of every description. Includes coursework such as Leading Global Projects, Enterprise Resource Planning, Design for Lean Manufacturing and more.
  • Supply Chain Management
    Indiana Tech’s Supply Chain Management Graduate Certificate explores modern global integrated supply chain management and enables students to appreciate the challenges of operating supply chains across international boundaries and manage issues like sociocultural, economic, technological and political factors that may shape decisions relating to sourcing and moving goods and services across different geographical boundaries.
  • Supply Chain Management and Cybersecurity
    Combining innovative programs from Indiana Tech’s College of Business and its Talwar College of Engineering and Computer Sciences, the Supply Chain Management and Cybersecurity Graduate Certificate helps students stand out in a critical field in which skilled individuals are in high demand.

Post-graduate Certificate

  • Global Leadership
    Add a global leadership specialization to your doctoral credentials with the doctoral certificate from Indiana Tech. Designed for students who have completed a doctoral program at another institution or those who are currently in the ABD (All But Dissertation) stage of their program.

Workforce Ready Grant

Programs marked “Workforce Ready” are approved by the state of Indiana for Workforce Ready Grant funding. Talk to your admissions representative to learn more.

Earn Credits Towards a degree

Every certificate course can also be applied toward a Bachelor or MBA program, meaning you can quickly and seamlessly continue your studies to earn your degree. Graduate Certificates at Indiana Tech provide you with 12 total graduate credits—nearly half of the required 30 credits needed to earn your master’s degree.

Eligible for Financial Aid

Just as important, since they are credit-bearing, every certificate program course at Indiana Tech qualifies for financial aid like other college courses. Learn more at

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