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Battery Management Systems, Certificate

Talwar College of Engineering and Computer Sciences

Gain a high-demand skill set in a vital, growing field

The electrification of vehicles, industrial equipment and consumer products is happening rapidly across the globe. Battery technologies and systems grow more sophisticated by the day, resulting in great demand for skilled technicians and engineers to work in this vital field. Indiana Tech’s undergraduate certificate in battery management systems (BMS) meets this need by providing students with the skills required to lead this innovative field.

This six-course, 19-credit hour program teaches students the functions of battery management systems; helps them gain understanding of BMS measurements of voltage, current, temperature, isolation, battery safety; and details the assembly steps of modular battery packs. During their certificate courses, students will learn to interpret specifications of battery cells and market available BMS devices; learn the fundamentals behind the construction of battery packs; and recognize the crucial elements for successful design of rechargeable battery systems.

Student Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the Battery Management Systems Undergraduate Certificate, you will be prepared to:

  • Design and program market-ready battery management systems.
  • Devise battery pack specifications.
  • Design a rechargeable battery pack and install a BMS.
  • Program advanced features of a BMS, including data capture

Career Benefits

Earning an Indiana Tech certificate is an affordable, time-efficient way to boost your skills and your career prospects:

  • Increase your hiring and earning potential.
  • Enhance your skills.
  • Increase your job and career security.
  • Expand your professional network.
  • Earn significant credits that can be applied to pursuing an associate or bachelor’s degree.

Career Outlook

A Certificate in Battery Management from Indiana Tech prepares you for a wide variety of in-demand careers. Below, you can explore career fields, salary information and employer demand from our partners at Lightcast, the leading labor market and career data provider in the U.S.

Job Outlook