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Academic Affairs

The mission of the Office of Academic Affairs is to provide all of our students with a professionally-focused education that leads them to a life of productivity and responsibility. We encourage students to be active members of our vibrant Tech community in order to prepare them for participation and leadership within their own communities after graduation. We do these things to motivate them toward a life of significance and worth, toward being an asset to their communities, toward becoming a true community builder. We want our students to learn, grow as people, and ultimately become impactful members of society.

One of the greatest resources that helps our traditional, adult, and online students reach their goal of graduating from Indiana Tech is our faculty. Their priority is on delivering the best instruction possible to their students, whether inside a classroom or in an online teaching and learning environment. They do that by being highly interactive with students, accessible to them outside of class, and caring about their students and their learning at all times. Their many efforts are always aimed at doing their best to help our students succeed, and successful students are those who are learning, persisting in their studies, and completing the requirements for their degree.

Indiana Tech is an outstanding institution to earn a degree. Our students gain a professionally-focused education from faculty who are enthusiastic, engaging, and caring. As a result, our graduates are ready to follow their dreams both as individuals and as members of society.