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Faculty Senate & Committees

The faculty senate includes the faculty of the College of Business, Talwar College of Engineering and Computer Sciences and College of Arts and Sciences.

Some of the responsibilities of the Faculty Senate are to:

  • Exercise primary responsibility for reviewing and recommending academic policies and all proposed changes including approval of all proposed curricula and course changes
  • Make recommendations on matters affecting the university’s academic culture
  • Review policies concerning employment, tenure, promotion, workload, reassignment, evaluation and other matters affecting the welfare of all faculty and to make recommendations for changes in those policies
  • Provide consultation to the president of the university
  • Foster constructive communications between the faculty and administration


The following committees are part of the Faculty Senate:

  • Curriculum Committee
  • Faculty Affairs Committee
  • Faculty Development Committee
  • Faculty Executive Committee
  • Governance and Academic Affairs Committee
  • Graduate Council
  • Learning Assessment Committee
  • Library Services Committee
  • Student Affairs Committee
  • Tenure and Promotions and Committee