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Pathway to Teacher Licensure

Pursue an Indiana Teaching License while working toward your bachelor’s degree

Through a partnership with the Education Division of the University of Saint Francis (USF), Indiana Tech offers its students a seamless path to becoming licensed teachers. Indiana Tech students can earn licenses in elementary, special, middle and secondary education via this pathway.

The pathway is made possible through USF’s Transition to Teaching (TTT) program. Indiana Tech students can add a teaching license to their area of study, enabling them to pursue teaching opportunities upon completion of the program. This combined educational experience allows Indiana Tech students to complete their bachelor’s degree while working toward an Indiana Teaching License. What’s more, TTT credits transfer directly into USF’s Master’s in Education program, giving students a head start on a graduate degree.

Licensure Options

  • Elementary Education Kindergarten-6th grade
  • Special Education: Mild or Intense Preschool-12th grade
  • Secondary Education 9th-12th grade

Program Highlights

  • Pathway to teacher licensure is offered through the USF TTT program.
  • TTT courses are offered in an online, 8- or 16-week format.
  • Students will complete an in-person practicum and student teaching experience.
  • Upon completion of the program and state licensing requirements, students are eligible for teacher licensure in Indiana. Students outside Indiana can work with their state’s Department of Education to determine specific licensing requirements.
  • Students who are participating in the licensure program may be hired by school systems on an Emergency Permit and will be able to complete their student teaching while employed by the school system.

Admissions Requirements

  • Must be an admitted Indiana Tech student pursuing a bachelor’s degree.
  • In order to apply for USF’s TTT program, students must complete 59 or more credit hours toward a bachelor’s degree.
  • Students must have and maintain 3.0 GPA on a 4.0 scale.
  • Indiana Tech students must meet admission requirements that are in effect at the time the student applies for admission to the USF TTT program.

Elementary and Special Education

  • Any major can pursue these licensure areas.
  • Licensure areas utilize the B.S. in Child Development with the Minor in Educational Studies to allow students to complete
    their program in four years, depending on academic placement.
  • Indiana Tech students must take a minimum of one course at USF after completion of their bachelor’s degree.

Middle and Secondary Education

  • Indiana Tech students may license in any content area.
  • If a student is licensing outside of
    their content area, they must pass the IDOE licensing exam prior to admission to USF’s TTT program.
  • Indiana Tech students must take a minimum of one course at USF after completion of their bachelor’s degree. Students choosing this licensing option may need to take up to two or three courses after completion of their bachelor’s degree.

Pathway to Teaching License

Every student experience is unique. To learn more, schedule an appointment to speak with Melissa Schweikert,

Relevant Licensure Areas per Degree

College of Arts and Sciences
Indiana Tech MajorIDOE Licensure Area
Biology, B.S.Sciences (5-12)
Life Sciences (5-12)
Animal Sciences (9-12)
Child Development, B.S.Elementary Generalist (K-6)
Exceptional Needs: Mild or Intense (P-12)
Psychology (5-12)
Sociology (5-12)
Communication, B.A.Journalism (5-12)
Criminal Justice, B.S.Trade & Industrial Law Enforcement Training (5-12)
Government & Citizenship (5-12)
Exercise Science, B.S.
Recreation Therapy, B.S.
Fitness & Recreation, B.S.
Health & Wellness (5-9), (5-12)
Physical Education (5-9), (5-12)
Middle Level Health Education (5-9)
Health (5-9), (5-12)
Forensic Science, B.S.Sciences (5-12)
Health Information Mgt, B.S.
Health Science, B.S.Health Occupations (5-12)
Sciences (5-12)
Human Services, B.S.Psychology (5-12)
Sociology (5-12)
Psychology, B.S.Psychology (5-12)
Sociology (5-12)
College of Business
Indiana Tech MajorIDOE Licensure Area
Accounting, B.S.
Business Administration, B.S.
Business Education (5-12)
Business & Information Technology (5-12)
Business Services and Technology (5-12)
Marketing (5-12)
Mathematics (5-12)
Economics (5-12)
Marketing, B.S.Business Education (5-12)
Business & Information Technology (5-12)
Business Services & Technology (5-12)
Marketing (5-12)
Organizational Leadership, B.S.
Sport Management, B.S.Business Education (5-12)
Health & Wellness (5-9), (5-12)
Physical Education (5-9), (5-12)
Middle Level Health Education (5-9)
Health (5-9), (5-12)
Talwar College of Engineering and Coputer Sciences
Indiana Tech MajorIDOE Licensure Area
Biomedical Engineering, B.S.
Electrical Engineering, B.S.
Mechanical Engineering Technology, B.S.
Mechanical Engineering, B.S.
Sciences (5-12)
Mathematics (5-12)
Computer Engineering, B.S.
Computer Science, B.A./B.S.
Cybersecurity, B.S.
Information Systems B.A./B.S.
Network Engineering, B.S.
Software Engineering, B.S.
Web Development, B.S.
Computer Education (6-8)
Computer Science (6-8)
Business & Information Technology (5-12)
Business Services and Technology (5-12)
Technology Education (5-12)
Industrial & Manufacturing Engineering, B.S.Trade & Industrial Engineering or Manufacturing (5-12)
Sciences (5-12)
Mathematics (5-12)
Digital Graphics & Design, B.S.Fine Arts: Visual Arts (5-9), (5-12)
Computer Education (6-8)
Computer Science (6-8)
Graphic Imaging Technology (9-12)