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Gerontology, Certificate

College of Arts and Sciences

Gain the Skills Necessary to Begin a Rewarding Career

People are living longer than ever before, and the need for professionals who have a passion for caring for older adults is also on the rise. Indiana Tech’s undergraduate certificate in Gerontology prepares students for a rewarding career working with senior citizens. The certificate provides students with a foundation of courses that focus on human services and psychology. Those who complete the program will gain the skills and knowledge needed to work in a variety of settings with older adults. Students who complete the program can also continue seamlessly toward a Bachelor of Science in Human Services, if they choose to do so.

Student Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the Gerontology Undergraduate Certificate, you will be prepared to:

  • Identify factors that contribute to the development of social problems that negatively impact clients who utilize social service or human service organizations.
  • Describe the theories, concepts and ethical principles for managing in a human services environment.
  • Identify the skills necessary to effectively lead a human service, social service, mental health, business or industry organization and the development and evaluation of programs in these settings.
  • Model fundamental helping and assessment techniques.
  • Identify the relevance of recognizing and respecting individual differences and promoting the acceptance of human diversity.

Career Benefits

Earning a certificate is an affordable, time-efficient way to boost your skills and your career prospects:

  • Increase your hiring and earning potential
  • Enhance your skills and expertise
  • Close the gap on increased job security
  • Expand your professional network
  • Make significant progress towards a degree

Job Outlook