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Legal Studies, Certificate

College of Arts and Sciences

Enhance Your Legal Knowledge or Prepare for Law School

Indiana Tech’s Legal Studies Undergraduate Certificate is designed to introduce students to aspects of legal studies which would be helpful in law school or other legal-related careers. Offered in person and online, this certificate program is an asset to students in any major, and is particularly beneficial to students pursuing careers in the criminal justice field, psychology, business or communication. Students in this program have access to Indiana Tech’s Pre-Law Advisor to receive help with the process of entering law school and preparing for the LSAT (Law School Admission Test). In addition to those preparing for law school, the Legal Studies certificate provides a solid foundation of knowledge for anyone working in legal offices, including paralegals.

Student Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the Legal Studies Undergraduate Certificate, you will be prepared to:

  • Explain the legal system in the United States.
  • Summarize the major components of the United States’ criminal justice system.
  • Explain how the major components of the U.S. criminal justice systems function within the constraints of the law.
  • Present effective oral and written communication skills appropriate to the legal context.
  • Express, orally and in writing, a position, theory or argument.
  • Apply legal and ethical principles to decision-making in the professional legal environment.
  • Identify sensitive issues relating to diversity, equity and inclusion in the professional legal environment.
  • Assess sensitive issues relating to diversity, equity and inclusion in the professional legal environment.

Career Benefits

Earning a certificate is an affordable, time-efficient way to boost your skills and your career prospects:

  • Increase your hiring and earning potential
  • Enhance critical thinking, reasoning, analysis and writing skills
  • Close the gap on increased job security
  • Expand your professional network
  • Make significant progress towards a degree

Career Outlook

A Certificate in Legal Studies from Indiana Tech prepares you for a wide variety of in-demand careers. Below, you can explore career fields, salary information and employer demand from our partners at Lightcast, the leading labor market and career data provider in the U.S.

Job Outlook

Additional Legal Studies Opportunities

A 3+3 JD program or BA to JD program allows students to combine certain requirements of a bachelor’s degree with the requirements of a Juris Doctor degree. Students would then receive their bachelor’s degree after completing the first year of law school.

Indiana Tech collaborates with the following law schools to provide a 3+3 JD program:

Tiffany B. Redies, Esq.

Program Lead

Professor Redies serves as the program lead for Indiana Tech’s pre-law major and is the pre-law advisor in its College of Arts and Science. She is an interdisciplinary scholar, practicing attorney, philosopher and full-time professor. Previously, Professor Redies served for several years as a professor of practice at Northern Arizona University in The W.A. Franke College of Business, with a teaching focus in corporate business ethics and legal compliance. Prior to becoming a full-time professor in 2016, Professor Redies practiced law in a wide variety of practice areas in New York state, including criminal law, business law and trusts and estates practice. In addition to her juris doctor, Professor Redies holds a post-doctoral specialization in international law, as well as master’s degrees in philosophy and higher education leadership. She is passionate about teaching and strives to bring her interdisciplinary legal and philosophical background to every class she teaches by providing a strong focus on ethics and professionalism.

Faculty Profile