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Outstanding Graduates, 2022-23

Prior to the 2023 commencement ceremonies, each of Indiana Tech’s three colleges held programs to honor their outstanding graduates of the year. Here are Indiana Tech’s outstanding graduates for 2023:

College of Arts and Sciences

Audra King—Master of Psychology
Lakyn Edwards—Overall College of Arts and Sciences Student
Savannah Simmers—Biology
Lakyn Edwards—Child Development
Whitley Blake—Criminal Justice
Jenna Boucher—Digital Graphics
Savannah Emaus—Exercise Science, Pre-Professional
Samuel Harvey—General Studies
Hannah Ivers—Health Science
Darika Dawson—Psychology
Lily Greiwe—Psychology
Rylee Cripe—Recreation Therapy

College of Business

Marcus McChristian—Ph.D. – Organizational Leadership
Nikki Pham—Ph.D. – Higher Education Administration
Matej Krasny—Business Administration, Business Analytics
Chad Shaffner—Business Administration, Management
Robert Johnson—Management
Gregory Fugate—Organizational Leadership
Andrea Schriver—Overall College of Business Student
Andrea Schriver—Accounting
Fabian Granqvist—Business Administration, Entrepreneurial Studies
Marcus Hartle—Business Administration, Financial Services
Ryan Troxel—Business Administration, Financial Services
Kylee Carlin—Business Administration, Human Resources
Grace Nower—Business Administration, Human Resources
Corey Cavanaugh—Business Administration, Management
P. Tyler Sinclair—Business Administration, Sport Management
Cole Barney—Marketing
Connor Hendrickson—Sport Management

Talwar College of Engineering and Computer Sciences

Rose Sahawneh—Engineering Management
Noah Smith—Overall Talwar College of Engineering
and Computer Sciences Student
Noah Smith—Biomedical Engineering
Anh Nguyen—Computer Science
Tarek Kothdiwala—Cybersecurity
Jacob Grant—Electrical Engineering
Dan Miller—Electrical Engineering Technology
Juan Avellaneda Bohorquez—Industrial and
Manufacturing Engineering
David Beaham—Information Systems
Logan Brewer—Information Systems
Nicholas Gates—Mechanical Engineering
Axel Löw—Mechanical Engineering Technology
Grant Peer—Network Engineering
Isabelle Kreienbrink—Software Engineering