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Outstanding Graduates, 2023-24

Prior to the 2024 commencement ceremonies, each of Indiana Tech’s three colleges held programs to honor their outstanding graduates of the year. Here are Indiana Tech’s outstanding graduates for 2024:

College of Arts and Sciences

Overall Outstanding Graduate – Maslowski, Avery G
Psychology – McCabe, Theresa M
Biology – Penny, Nina D
Child Development – Roddy, Arnaya V
Communication – Horvath, Riley M
Criminal Justice – Maslowski, Avery G
Graphics and Design – Westfall, Alexie J
Exercise Science – Weiks, Keifer
Fitness and Recreation – Tegtmeyer, Dylan J
Forensic Science – Bringht, Jocelyn L
General Studies – Marino, Bryan
Health Science – Brough, Grant C
Pre-Law – Daniels, Mikayla A
Psychology – Galloway, Alexis M
Recreation Therapy – Hyatt, Allison R

College of Business

Overall Outstanding Graduate – Gibson, Jenna R
Organizational Leadership – Thum, Stephanie L
Organizational Leadership – Holst, Amanda L
Organizational Leadership – Lundy, Joshua
Global Health Leadership – Merkison, George E
Business Administration, Business Analytics – Bathini, Prem Kumar
Business Administration, Business Analytics – Jones, Luke T
Business Administration, Science in Management – McNair, Bradly T
Business Administration, Science in Management – Smithley, Chloe A
Accounting – MacDonald, Eli M
Business Administration, Entrepreneurial Studies – Palmer, McKenna R
Business Administration, Financial Services – Uhlenhake, Ryan E
Business Administration, Human Resources – Critchfield, Nathan G
Business Administration, Management – Estrada, Danielle M
Business Administration, Management – Gibson, Jenna R
Marketing – Kollar, Samuel
Sport Management – Whaley, Seth R

Talwar College of Engineering and Computer Sciences

Overall Outstanding Graduate – Bockstahler, Julia M
Science in Engineering Management – Ben Aissa, Ines
Engineering Management, Information Systems – Papetla, Prathyusha Reddy
Information Systems – Kankunta, Sai Priya
Biomedical Engineering – Bockstahler, Julia M
Computer Engineering – Manier, Justin S
Cybersecurity – Welbaum, Ryan
Cybersecurity – Wilmington, Peterson L
Electrical Engineering – Manier, Justin S
Industrial & Manufacturing Engineering – Brandt, Jacob W
Information Systems – Williams, Demeka C
Mechanical Engineering – Hartmus, Jessica M
Mechanical Engineering Technology – Fieldler, Kaitlyn E
Software Engineering – Albrecht, Rebekah K