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Talwar College of Engineering and Computer Sciences

The roots of engineering still run deep at Indiana Tech, which was founded as an engineering school in 1930. The Talwar College of Engineering and Computer Sciences continues to provide a career-focused, hands-on educational experience that will inspire our students to find new and better ways to address the challenges of the 21st century.

The engineer of the future must function in a global marketplace driven by technology and ruled by open competition. The Talwar College of Engineering and Computer Sciences recognizes that its fundamental obligation is to provide an engineering education rooted in knowledge and structured around up-to-date technical skills. Additionally, it must also provide undergraduate students with educational opportunities to help them acquire an understanding of society and the impact cultural heritage has on it. Students will experience a breadth of knowledge on sensitive ethical and moral issues that they can weigh in on and form values and life goals.

Degree programs

Whether you’re looking to pursue an undergraduate degree or want to obtain an advanced degree, the Talwar College of Engineering and Computer Sciences offers challenging degree programs that will help prepare you well for life after college.

Success Stories

Our graduates go on to do great things in exciting careers that they are passionate about and we love telling their stories.

Tech Talks

The Tech Talks series is a collaboration between Indiana Tech’s Office of Academic Affairs and Office of Student Affairs. The purpose of the co-curricular series, which centers on a yearly theme, is to promote active dialogue and awareness about important issues of social justice across the globe.

Through this series, the university hopes to:

  • Foster a sense of campus community and acceptance
  • Promote critical thinking about the historical and social contexts of contemporary social challenges
  • Raise awareness of global issues impacting the development of a just society
  • Educate students on the ways in which global issues can be addressed through a variety of professional disciplines
  • Engage the campus and the greater Fort Wayne community in joint dialogue on issues of justice
  • Educate students on the role of empathy with those impacted by social injustice in the promotion of a civil society

Applying for admission

Traditional undergraduate courses

If you’re ready to apply for admission, please complete and submit our free application for admission. If you would like to learn more about Indiana Tech or the Talwar College of Engineering and Computer Sciences, please contact our admissions office.

Evening, weekend and online courses

Adult students interested in applying for admission within the College of Professional Studies can learn more about how to apply or request information from one of our many locations throughout Indiana, Kentucky, and Illinois.