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Anne Gull

Dr. Anne Gull Dean of College of Arts and Sciences, Professor of Chemistry

Courtney Shull

Courtney Shull Associate Dean & Associate Professor of Psychology

Dawn Anderson

Dr. Dawn Anderson Director of the Exercise and Sport Performance Laboratory; Professor of Exercise Science

Justin Boyce

Dr. Justin Boyce Professor, Psychology

Jonathan Brownlee

Dr. Jonathan Brownlee Assistant Professor of English and Humanities

Sridhar Budhi

Dr. Sridhar Budhi Associate Professor of Chemistry

Dr. Wenjia Cai

Dr. Wenjia Cai Professor of Practice
TEC Coordinator

Christina Clarke

Christina Clarke Professor of Practice

Dr. Julie Good

Dr. Julie Davis Good Professor of Biology

Sharon Drapala

Dr. Sharon Drapala Associate Professor of Biology

Carrie Duke

Dr. Carrie Duke Assistant Professor of English

Michael Dunne-Steece

Michael Dunne-Steece Assistant Professor of Human Services

Rex Joyner

Dr. Rex Joyner Professor, Physics

Stacie Kreinbrink, MBA, M.Ed., RHIA, CTR

Stacie Kreinbrink, MBA, M.Ed., RHIA, CTR Director of Health Information Management and Health Information

Dominic Lombardo

Dominic Lombardo Associate Professor, Department Chair-Criminal Justice & Pre-Law

Steven Malloris

Steven Malloris Director, Honors Program; Associate Professor of English

Susan McGrade

Dr. Susan McGrade Professor of English and Humanities

Dr. Megan Patton

Dr. Megan Patton Director of Health Information Management and Health Information Technology/Professor of Practice

Tiffany Redies

Tiffany B. Redies, Esq. Assistant Professor, Pre-Law Program Lead

Courtney Robbins

Dr. Cortney Robbins Professor of English and Humanities

Carrie Rodesiler

Carrie Rodesiler Assistant Professor of English

Melissa Lavin

Melissa Schweikert Assistant Professor of Psychology

Amy Shank

Amy Shank Assistant Professor of Biology

Terri Shaw

Dr. Terri Shaw Associate Professor of Psychology

Alexander Sinelnikov

Dr. Alexander Sinelnikov Chair of the Forensic Science Program, Assistant Professor of Biology

Kelly Williams

Kelly Williams Professor of Practice

Alicia Wireman

Dr. Alicia Wireman Associate Professor of Communication/Chair of Humanities and Communication Arts

Beth Robinson

Beth Robinson Associate Professor