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Dr. Zakariya Al-Hamouz

Chair of Electrical Engineering, Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering

Talwar College of Engineering and Computer Sciences

Phone: 260.422.5561, ext. 2441


Office: Zollner Engineering Center, Room 211-A


Dr. Al-Hamouz has a long experience in teaching undergraduate and graduate courses as well as supervising master’s and doctoral students and senior-level capstone design projects. His research interests include diagnosis of failures in rotating machines, power systems protection and automation and control. He has an extensive collaboration with industry which led to solving many practical engineering problems. His collaboration and research efforts to date have led to seven U.S.-issued patents, the publication of 59 refereed journals and 55 conference papers. Dr. Al-Hamouz is a recipient of the KFUPM Excellence in Research award and the IEEE/IAS James Melcher Prize Paper award.

My Office Hours

MW: 11:00 am – 1:00 pm
TR: 10:00 – 11:55 pm

Classes I Teach

  • ECE 2100: Electric Circuits I
  • ECE 3400: Programable Logic Controllers and Lab
  • ECE 4973:   Senior Project I
  • ECE 4974:   Senior Project II

Educational Background

PhD, Electrical Engineering, KFUPM
M.Sc, Electrical Engineering, JUST University
B.Sc, Electrical Engineering, Yarmouk University

Professional Experience

Michigan Tech, 2018-2019

Has teaching and research experience at KFUPM; AnNajah National University – Palestine; American University of London; and Michigan Tech.


Below is an abbreviated list of publications by Dr. Al-Hamouz. You can also download Dr. Al-Hamouz’s full publications list for the complete list.


  1. “Contamination Monitoring of High Voltage Insulators”, Patent No. US20110242313 A1, Issued, November 24, 2012
  2. “System and Method for Estimating Corona Power Loss in a Dust-Loaded Electrostatic Precipitator”, US Patent # US 8,521,455 B2, , Issued, August 27, 2013
  3. “Method of Modeling Fly Ash Collection Efficiency in Wire-Duct Electrostatic Precipitators”, Patent No US 8608826, Issued, 2013.
  4. “Sliding Mode AGC Controller and Method”, Patent No. US 8,626,350, Issued on July 2016. “Contamination level estimation method for high voltage insulators”, Patent No US9384560B2, Issued on July 2016.
  5. “Ranking Method for Hybrid Renewable Distributed Generation Systems”, Published, Patent No. USPTO 20150339266, November 2015.
  6. “System and Method for Non-Linear Model Predictive Control of Multi-Machine Power Systems”, Published, Patent No. USPTO 20160170429, July 2016.

Journal Papers


  1. Maraaba L., T. Ssennoga, Memon A. and Al-Hamouz Z., “Recognition of Stator Winding Inter-Turn Fault in Interior-Mount LSPMSM Using Acoustic Signals”, Symmetry, pp. 1-12, 2020 (ISI).


  1. Maraaba L., Al-Hamouz Z., A. Mulhim, and T. Ssennoga, “Comprehensive Parameters Identification and Dynamic Model Validation of Interior-Mount Line-Start Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors”, Machines, pp. 1-22, 2019 (ISI).
  2. Maraaba L., Al-Hamouz Z., A. Mulhim and M.A. Abido, “Neural Network-Based Diagnostic Tool for Detecting Stator Inter-Turn Faults in Line Start Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors”, IEEE Access, Vol.7, pp. 89014 – 89025 , 2019 (ISI).
  3. Maraaba L., Al-Hamouz Z., and M.A. Abido, “An Accurate Tool for Detecting Stator Inter-Turn Fault in LSPMSM”, IEEE Access, pp. 8862288634, 2019 (ISI).


  1. Hussein I., Al-Hamouz Z., Abido M and A. Milhem, “On the Mathematical Modeling of Line-Start Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors under Static Eccentricity”, Energies, 11, 197, 2018. (ISI).
  2. Mamdouh, Mohammad Ali Abido, Al-Hamouz Z., “Weighting Factor Selection Techniques for Predictive Torque Control of Induction Motor Drives: A Comparison Study”, AJSE, pp. 433-445, 2018. (ISI).
  3. Shafiul Alam, M. Abido, Al–Hamouz Z., “Model predictive control approach for bridge type-fault current limiter in VSC-HVDC system”, AJSE, pp. 1-11, May 2018. (ISI).
  4. Maraaba L., Al-Hamouz Z., and M.A. Abido,” An Efficient Stator Inter-Turn Fault Diagnosis Tool for Induction Motors”, Energies 2018, 11(3), 653; doi:10.3390/en11030653 (ISI).
  5. Maraaba L., Al-Hamouz Z., M. Abido and A. Mulhim, “Novel Modelling of Interio r-Mount LSPMSM under Asymmetrical Stator Winding’, IET Electric Power Applications, DOI:  10.1049/iet-epa.2017.0525, May 2018, p. 693 – 700 (ISI).
  6. Baradieh and Al-Hamouz Z, “Modelling and Simulation of Line Start Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors with Broken Bars”, J. of Electrical and Electronic Systems, DOI: 10.4172/2332-0796.1000259, 2018.
  7. Maraaba L., Al-Hamouz Z., and M. Abido “Mathematical Modeling, Simulation, and Experimental Testing of Interior-Mount LSPMSM Under Stator Inter-Turn Fault”, IEEE Transactions on Energy Conversion, DOI: 10.1109/TEC.2018.2886137, December 2018 (ISI).
  8. Samy Faddel, Abdulrahman Aldeek, Ali T. Al-Awami, E. Sortomme, and Al-Hamouz Z., Ancillary Services Bidding for Uncertain Bidirectional V2G Using Fuzzy Linear Programming,’ Energy, 986-999, 2018 (ISI).
  9. Makbul A., Ssennoga T., Al-Hamouz Z., “Analyzing the potential and progress of distributed generation applications in Saudi Arabia: The case of solar and wind resources”,
    Renewable & Sustainable Energy Reviews, pp. 287-297, 2017, (ISI).
  10. Maraaba L., Al-Hamouz Z., and H. Al-Duwaish, “A Neural Network-Based Estimation of the Level of Contamination on High-Voltage Porcelain and Glass Insulators”, Electrical Engineering, pp.1-10, August 2017. (ISI).