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Patricia Tanner

Patricia Tanner
Professor of Practice of Analytics

College of Business

Phone: 260.422.5561, ext. 2423


Office: Cunningham 214B

My Office Hours

MW: 11:00 am – 1:00 pm
TR: 10:30 am – 12:30 pm

Classes I Teach

BA2010 – Principles of Management
CS1250 – Problem Solving for Programmers
IS1150 – Principles of Information Systems
IS4600 – Disaster Recovery
IS5300 – Enterprise Networking and Communications
IS5600 – Digital Enterprise Systems
IS5700 – Information Security & IT Governance
IS5900 – Database Management Systems
IS6000 – Enterprise Information Systems
IS6600 – Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery
IS6700 – Challenges & Implications of Digitization
MBA6010 – Data Wrangling & Big Data

Educational Background

M.S. Software Engineering – University of Maryland Global Campus 2002
B.S. Information Systems – University of Maryland Global Campus 2000

Professional Experience

My professional experience spans several decades and included:

  • 8 years with Indiana Tech – adjunct and Professor of Practice
  • 8 years as the owner of Prism Medical Systems, Inc. software consulting firm
  • 14 years with Johnson & Johnson working in clinical research and healthcare compliance (HIPAA, Safe Harbors, GDPR, CCPA as examples of my compliance activities)
  • 5 years with Central Soya IT department and consulting
  • 3 years with Lincoln National Life Insurance IT department
  • First woman to become a certified IBM repair person (1983)

Why I Teach

Experiencing the digital revolution firsthand showed me many things about automation. It can be confusing, disruptive, and frustrating. I teach to help people become more comfortable, at ease, and recognition of the benefits of technology. Seeing a student understand a part of technology that can help them accomplish a task is extremely satisfying.

Overall though, Indiana Tech provides me the opportunity to learn more and stay current in my domain(s).

Additional Information

Assisted building a computer from component parts, capacitors, resistors, CPU, and even built a keyboard for the computer. I helped my husband who is an electrical engineer over the 9 month process. We had to write our own software because this computer was built in 1977. The first time I wrote a program I designed on that computer was a magical moment and cemented my desire to learn more.

My research interests are information ethics, information security, analytics, databases, and data mining.

I am a member of ACM and IEEE.

I have written a science fantasy novel plus, I sew, make jewelry, and bake.