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Christina Clarke

Christina Clarke
Professor of Practice

College of Arts and Sciences

Phone: 260.702.9872


My Office Hours

Virtual Office Hours are by Appointment

Classes I Teach

ENG 1100: Introduction to College Writing
ENG 1252: Argumentative Writing
ENG 1272: Analytical Writing
ENG 2322: Research Writing
IIT 4960

Educational Background

  • Master of Liberal Studies – Indiana University
  • Bachelor of General Studies – Indiana University

Professional Experience

  • Excelsior University – Albany, NY
  • Kalamazoo Community College, Kalamazoo, MI
  • IVY Tech Community College, Fort Wayne, IN

Why I Teach

My favorite part of teaching is the opportunity to transform lives. It is a privilege to accompany learners on their academic path and be a part of the journey as they work toward and reach their goals.