Student soldering a project in a computer engineering class


Dave Aschliman

Dave Aschliman Dean, College of Engineering and Computer Sciences

Gary Messick

Gary Messick Associate Dean; Associate Professor, Chemistry

Brad Shank

Brad Shank Associate Professor, College of Engineering

Craig Welch

Craig Welch Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering

Dale Wright

Dale Wright Assistant Professor, Mathematics

Anna Nagle

Dr. Anna Nagle Assistant Professor of Biomedical Engineering

David Rumsey

Dr. David Rumsey Associate Professor, Electrical Engineering and Mathematics

John Renie

Dr. John Renie Associate Professor, Mechanical and Energy Engineering

Max Ortega

Dr. Maximo J. Ortega Associate Professor, Industrial & Manufacturing Engineering

Naga Musunuri

Dr. Naga Aditya Musunuri Assistant Professor, Mechanical and Energy Engineering

Peggy Canales

Dr. Peggy Canales Associate Professor, Industrial & Manufacturing Engineering

Sagnika Ghosh

Dr. Sagnika Ghosh Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering

Steve Dusseau

Dr. Steve Dusseau Professor, Industrial & Manufacturing Engineering

Thomas D. Tran

Dr. Thomas D. Tran Assistant Professor of Mechanical and Energy Engineering

Suky Su

Dr. Yun Su (Suky) Assistant Professor of Mathematics

Jack Phlipot

Jack Phlipot Associate Professor, Biomedical Engineering

Jerome Heaven

Jerome Heaven Associate Professor, Mathematics

Mohammadreza Khani

Mohammadreza Khani Assistant Professor of Computer Engineering