Cybersecurity, B.S.

School of Computer Sciences

Indiana Tech’s Bachelor of Science in Cybersecurity will prepare you for a career and leadership within the rapidly expanding information security field. Our cybersecurity program blends the technical aspects of information security with a fundamental understanding of criminal investigation. The result is a uniquely effective degree which enables you to become a digital detective ready to protect individual and organizational data, and fight the cyberattacks and crime that take place every day on the Internet.

Hands-on coursework in computer programming, networking, electronics and criminology will arm you with the expertise that today’s companies, organizations and law enforcement and intelligence agencies are looking for to protect data. As the methods used by cybercriminals become more and more sophisticated, Indiana Tech’s cybersecurity program will make sure you stay ahead of them.

Why choose Indiana Tech?

  • Our program combines a strong technology core with criminal justice coursework to help you develop into a well-rounded cybersecurity professional sought by industries of every description.
  • You will learn to evaluate vulnerability risks and determine appropriate security measures to protect organizations before cyberattacks occur.
  • Our tech-savvy instruction will teach you how to utilize and leverage technology in ways that add value to clients, customers and employers.
  • Opportunities for industry internships will help you develop career skills, experience and contacts for career placement after graduation.
  • Indiana Tech fosters an active learning environment, enriched by instructors who possess years of experience in their respective field.
Joseph Miller

Joey Miller
B.S. in Cybersecurity, 2018
"When Joey was researching colleges, he knew he wanted to be a part of a smaller university environment with quality campus facilities. Indiana Tech f..." Read full story

Careers in this Degree

Graduates with this degree have pursued careers in the following fields:

  • Retail/commerce
  • Health care
  • Finance
  • Law enforcement

Job Outlook

Below are some of the potential career opportunities available to graduates with this degree. Additionally, you will find national statistics for average annual salaries and projected job growth, as identified by statistics. Salaries can vary based on the market in which you live and the prior experience you bring to the position.

  • Security system administrator $79,700/year

Job outlook through 2026: 6 percent increase

  • Information security analyst $92,600/year

Job outlook through 2026: 28 percent increase

  • Security architect $101,210/year

Job outlook through 2026: 6 percent increase

  • Chief information security officer $135,800/year

Job outlook through 2026: 12 percent increase

Internship Opportunities

Indiana Tech students pursuing this degree have interned with:

  • Do it Best, Corp.
  • Paulding Putnam Electric Co-op
  • Lake County Assessor’s Office

Robert J Fontaine

Program Lead

Professor Fontaine’s background includes extensive private sector experience in software engineering, notably in avionics, ADA and C++, in addition to his years of experience in teaching at the university level. Beyond the classroom at Indiana Tech, he has led the creation of the Indiana Tech iPhone app, and an internal website for computer science students to access resources for creating programs and databases, as well as tutorials and other project-related references.

  • MBA, Indiana Tech
  • B.S., Electrical Engineering Union College