Students operating a CNC machineIndustrial & Manufacturing Engineering, B.S.

If you were the kind of child who liked taking things apart just to see whether you could put them back together again, a degree in industrial and manufacturing engineering (IME) might be for you. You’ll be on the forefront of creating and producing goods and items that make lives easier for millions of people.

Producing well-rounded engineers

In addition to manufacturing and engineering classes, Indiana Tech’s IME program also requires business classes, so graduates can easily become entrepreneurs or advance to management. Not only will students get the tools they need to solve manufacturing problems, but they’ll also learn to be well-rounded, versatile business people. Graduates also will be intimately familiar with Six Sigma, lean manufacturing and automation—skills that are greatly desired by manufacturing employers and can be applied virtually anywhere.

Seasoned, knowledgeable faculty

All IME faculty are full-time professors with both Ph.D.s and years of industrial experience. Indiana Tech’s IME program is the first and only in northeast Indiana with an accelerated evening degree program that leads to the same degree as the traditional undergraduate program. This helps those working full-time jobs advance their careers, without missing work during traditional daytime hours. It also helps faculty stay on top of contemporary industry needs, which allows them to continually update curriculum so graduates are prepared for today’s workplace.

What do IME graduates do?

Graduates working in the field are involved in planning and implementing procedures to increase quality, efficiency and safety in manufacturing. Typical work activities may include:

  • Analyzing product specifications to establish standards for finished product
  • Planning workflow to ensure the most efficient use of resources
  • Devising methods to resolve production problems, maximize product quality, and minimize cost
  • Drafting and designing the layout of equipment, materials, and workspace, using drafting tools and computers

Communicating with management and customers to develop production and design standards.

A Tech success story

Marissa Kenney
B.S., Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering, 2018

As a freshman at Indiana Tech, Marissa Kenny dreamed of being an engineer at Boeing—and in a short amount of time, she made it a reality. When identifying what prepared her best for her job at Boeing, Marissa attributes Indiana Tech’s hands-on team approach to coursework.

“The engineering program puts a large focus on working in teams to complete a project. Many might be frustrated with this, but I quickly learned that engineers must be able to work in groups during their career,” Marissa said. “Indiana Tech did a great job at not just making us work in groups, but teaching all of us how to be better leaders and team members.”

In addition, a Tech alum connected Marissa with an excellent internship opportunity at the Archbold, Ohio-based manufacturing plant, Arrow Tru-Line, Inc. After completing her internship, she was hired on during her senior year at Arrow Tru-Line as an industrial engineer. Marissa found she was able to apply the techniques she was learning in class to her job and, in turn, use her work experience to help her to do better with her homework and projects.

Although Marissa understands you can get an education and make new friends at any university, she relished the diverse educational environment at Indiana Tech. “Indiana Tech does a great job at bringing in a diverse group of students and gives everyone the opportunity to expand their horizons and meet people from many backgrounds.”

Marissa graduated from Indiana Tech with plenty of momentum, and she is still going strong. “Now that I have achieved what I thought to be a lifelong goal in the matter of a few years, I believe that anything is within reach.”

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