Software Engineering, B.S.

You love computers. You might have taken them apart as a child. You might have even written a few of your own programs, because the ones that came with the system didn’t do precisely what you wanted. With Indiana Tech’s bachelor’s degree in software engineering, you can turn that computer fascination into a career.

Beyond theory and into the real world

The software engineering program will take you beyond theory and immerse you in a real-world development environment that gives you not just a degree, but also a drive and career-focused passion. Through the program coursework and a pivotal focus on internships, our graduates leave the program with résumés and portfolios of work that show a depth and breadth of education and experience.

World-class facilities

Far from a traditional classroom, our software engineering lab gives our students 24/7 access to work on major projects and other class work. It’s formatted to model a real work environment where teams of students can be found working together and separately to tackle a variety of projects

Choose your focus

Our software engineering program gives you choices. Beyond the basic software engineering degree, you also have the option to choose a concentration: systems or gaming.

  • Systems concentration: This concentration is ideal for students who see the big picture, and how, holistically, one thing affects another in the system. You’ll gain invaluable experience learning object-oriented programming, data structures, and algorithm analysis, and will be able to understand how the software you develop works with and affects hardware.
  • Gaming concentration: If your interest in video games goes far beyond simply playing them, this is the concentration for you. You’ll explore animation, frame rates, real-time simulation, and many other technical aspects of game play that fascinate you as much as game play and story.

Career options

Graduates with a software engineering degree can become:

  • Software engineers
  • Software developers
  • Software designers
  • Project managers

A Tech success story

Thomas Rodda
B.S., Software Engineering, 2010

When Thomas Rodda was a student at Indiana Tech, he scored an internship as a web development intern at Aptera Software. Since then, he has gone on to work for Symantec, as a software quality assurance engineer, and, more recently, to computer giant Apple Computer, as a technical program manager.

As a member of the first graduating class of Indiana Tech’s software engineering program, Thomas knew he had his work cut out for him

“I was in it with some of the smartest programmers around and I started far behind any of them. In addition, most of our computer science classes started at advanced levels,” he said. “However, I had a slew of classmates who cared enough to take the time to bring me up to their level. I never thought I really made it to their level, but looking at where I am now, I know I have them to thank for showing me you don’t get anywhere without a little help from your friends.”

Not only did Thomas find a community within his degree program, but his professors “all loved what they did, and it was obvious in every class,” he said. They used that passion to “push us out of our comfort zone and into a place where real understanding could begin,” he added.

For Thomas, Indiana Tech’s history and foundation gave him the kick-start he needed to do great things.

“Indiana Tech didn’t just pop up one day and disappear the next. They’ve built something sustainable that balanced a cool, small-town, middle-America feel with some big-city America output,” Thomas said. “Meet with some professors, meet with some students and ask them yourself. You can do some big things at Tech.”

Earning this degree


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