Students performing forensics on a hard driveCybersecurity, B.S.

The cybersecurity program blends the technical aspects of information security with a fundamental understanding of criminal investigation. The result is a cutting edge degree where students become digital forensic detectives ready to fight the crime taking place on the Internet and on the electronic streets. Not even evidence that has been deleted or hidden will prevent these students from uncovering the truth and preparing a case against felons, hackers, and cyber bad guys.

With hands-on coursework in forensics, criminology, social science, computer programming, networking, and electronics, this degree gives you the expertise needed by today’s law enforcement and intelligence agencies. As the methods that criminals use become more and more sophisticated, Indiana Tech’s cybersecurity program ensures that our graduates will keep ahead of them.

Hard-core skills

While earning your degree in computer security and investigation, you’ll learn how to:

  • Use sophisticated software applications and advanced electronic circuitry in a forensics laboratory.
  • Assist prosecutors or defense attorneys with the preparation of a criminal case.
  • Apply reverse engineering and trace and trap procedures to discover the identity of an individual involved in an electronic crime or malicious activity.
  • Perform a comprehensive technical analysis and interpret computer-related evidence such as e-mail, accounting software, various databases, and information stored on electronic devices.
  • Evaluate vulnerability risk and determine the appropriate controls needed to protect an organization’s information and business continuity.

Career opportunities

Some career opportunities that our students have available to them with a bachelor’s degree in cybersecurity are:

  • State and federal cyber-crime task force
  • Information security officer
  • Network analyst

Earning this degree


This is for students who want a traditional, on-campus college experience.

Course Curriculum