Cybersecurity, B.S.


Graduates of the cybersecurity bachelor’s program are employed as information security analysts whose responsibility it is to evaluate the vulnerability of an organization’s networks and systems, then develop solutions to address security risks. Security analyst positions are found in virtually every major organization whether it be business, industry or government. This position is becoming increasingly important because of the increase in cyberattacks.

Indiana Tech’s cybersecurity program is distinguished by providing a blend of the technical aspects of information security with a fundamental understanding of criminal investigation. This combination provides graduates with effective tools to not only protect an organization’s data, but to work with or be employed by law enforcement and intelligence agencies.

As the methods that criminals use become more and more sophisticated, Indiana Tech’s cybersecurity program ensures that our graduates will have the technical depth to keep ahead of them.

Develop an extensive skill set

While earning your degree in computer security and investigation, you’ll learn how to:

  • Evaluate vulnerability risk and determine the appropriate controls needed to protect an organization’s information and business continuity.
  • Perform a comprehensive technical analysis and interpret computer-related evidence such as e-mail, accounting software, various databases, and information stored on electronic devices.
  • Apply reverse engineering and trace and trap procedures to discover the identity of an individual involved in an electronic crime or malicious activity.
  • Conduct a field investigation and search a crime scene with proper legal techniques.
  • Profile and predict the behavior of suspects based on an analysis of the offense and the manner in which it was committed.
  • Communicate effectively with law enforcement, legal, and technical personnel, both verbally and in writing.
  • Assist prosecutors or defense attorneys with the preparation of a criminal case.
  • Design and write security policies for an environment presented in a case study.
  • Use sophisticated software applications and advanced electronic circuitry in a forensics laboratory (online students will not be able to achieve this learning objective).

Career opportunities

Some career opportunities that our students have available to them with a bachelor’s degree in cybersecurity are:

  • State and federal cyber-crime task force
  • Information security officer
  • Network analyst
  • System security administrator
  • Security architect

A Tech success story

Joey Miller
B.S., Cybersecurity, 2018

When Joey was researching colleges, he knew he wanted to be a part of a smaller university environment with quality campus facilities. Indiana Tech fit the bill, and then some.

“The small class sizes and personal interactions with professors and other faculty members helped prepare me for communicating effectively in a business environment,” said the Rockford, Illinois, native. “I met friends that I am positive I will keep in touch with for years to come, too.”

When he left Indiana Tech to work for Ticomix, a custom software development company based in Loves Park, Illinois, Joey had no doubt he was ready to enter the workforce.

“Indiana Tech’s Career Center does great work preparing students for the job market, and it helped me form a baseline of what to expect outside the classroom,” Joey said. “My degree covered the core concepts I needed, and the senior presentation experience proved helpful when I was asked to give a presentation to prospective clients a few weeks into full-time work.”

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