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Psychology, B.S.

College of Arts and Sciences

Are you fascinated by human behavior and how people think? Do you have a passion to help others improve their mental functioning and quality of life? Do you want to obtain skill sets that will apply to a variety of work settings? If these things resonate with you, consider pursuing a degree in psychology from Indiana Tech.

Our well-rounded psychology curriculum will give you a solid foundation on which to build a practitioner-oriented career. Not only will you learn about human behavior and how people think, you will also study and apply the scientific method and gain analytical skills for practical application in fields like business, marketing, criminal justice and mental health.

Why choose Indiana Tech?

  • Following the completion of your undergraduate degree, you will be prepared to enter a myriad of career paths.
  • Our program will prepare you to enter a myriad of graduate and professional programs, including psychology, business, health care and law.
  • You will be exposed to various areas in psychology, such as health psychology, forensic psychology, sports psychology, advanced abnormal psychology, social psychology and educational psychology.
  • You will receive real-world experiences in the classroom, giving you a real sense of how the theories, concepts and constructs impact people in your community and abroad.
  • Indiana Tech fosters an active learning environment, enriched by instructors who possess years of experience in their respective field.

Loni Robertson
B.S. in Psychology, 2014
"Loni is a research associate at Gateway Rehabilitation Center in Pittsburgh, a position she thanks Indiana Tech for helping her achieve.“My overa..." Read full story

Careers in this Degree

Graduates with this degree have pursued careers in the following fields:

  • Human and social services
  • Mental health agencies and hospitals
  • Law enforcement, public safety, probation and corrections
  • Business, marketing, advertising and sales

Job Outlook

Below are some of the potential career opportunities available to graduates with this degree. Additionally, you will find national statistics for average annual salaries and projected job growth, as identified by statistics. Salaries can vary based on the market in which you live and the prior experience you bring to the position.

  • Social worker $47,980/year

Job outlook through 2026: 16 percent increase

  • Probation, corrections personnel $51,410/year

Job outlook through 2026: 6 percent increase

  • Substance abuse, behavioral disorder and mental health counselor $43,300/year

Job outlook through 2026: 23 percent increase

  • Social and community service manager $64,100/year

Job outlook through 2026: 18 percent increase

  • Psychologist* $77,030/year

Job outlook through 2026: 14 percent increase

* with additional education

Internship Opportunities

Indiana Tech students pursuing this degree have interned with:

  • Bowen Center
  • Boys and Girls Club of Fort Wayne
  • Autism Society of Indiana
  • Chicago School of Psychology
  • Early Childhood Alliance