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Forensic Science, B.S.

College of Arts and Sciences

Indiana Tech’s Bachelor of Science in Forensic Science will prepare you for a variety of laboratory-based and advanced forensic science careers. Coursework which includes molecular biology, genetics, biochemistry, analytical chemistry and statistics will help you become a professional with the knowledge, skills and experience to excel in your chosen career path.

You will be immersed in crime scene investigation and diverse forensic science content areas including forensic serology, evidentiary DNA analysis, forensic entomology and microbial forensics. And, you will learn the methods used to help catch criminals in the real world.

Why choose Indiana Tech?

  • You will receive cutting-edge, experience-based learning, using modern forensic testing techniques and state-of-the-art equipment.
  • You will participate in realistic forensic casework projects, including the presentation of evidence in a mock trial.
  • Robust coursework will immerse you in forensic microbiology, forensic ecology and advanced DNA applications, including polymerase chain reaction, cloning and DNA sequencing.
  • Indiana Tech fosters an active learning environment, enriched by instructors who possess years of experience in their respective fields.

Career Outlook

A B.S. in Forensic Science from Indiana Tech prepares you for a wide variety of in-demand careers. Below, you can explore career fields, salary information and employer demand from our partners at Lightcast, the leading labor market and career data provider in the U.S.

Job Outlook

Below are some of the potential career opportunities available to graduates with this degree. Additionally, you will find national statistics for average annual salaries and projected job growth, as identified by statistics. Salaries can vary based on the market in which you live and the prior experience you bring to the position.

  • Forensic science technician $58,230/year

Job outlook through 2028: 14 percent increase

  • Clinical lab technologist/technician $52,330/year

Job outlook through 2028: 11 percent increase

  • Law enforcement $63,380/year

Job outlook through 2028: 5 percent increase

Internship Opportunities

To help launch this new program, we are working with the following partners, among others, to offer internship opportunities for our students:

  • Law enforcement laboratories, such as the Indiana State Police Laboratory Division and the Fort Wayne Police Department Laboratory
  • Government agencies, such as the Indiana Department of Toxicology
  • Corporate laboratories, such as Redwood Toxicology Laboratory
  • Hospital laboratories affiliated with Parkview Health system
Sydney Williams

Sydney Williams
B.S. Forensic Science, 2022

Success Story

Indiana Tech’s 2021 investment in a state-of-the-art forensic lab reinforced an already-strong forensic science program. The lab enhancement gives our students the same tools that forensic data analysts are using in contemporary laboratories around t…

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Dr. Alexander Sinelnikov

Program Lead

Dr. Sinelnikov has more than 20 years of experience working on various forensic science projects, including validation of probabilistic software for deconvolution of DNA mixtures and developing materials and methods for obtaining DNA profiles from very limited amounts of biological material, like individual fingerprints and laser capture microdissections.

  • Ph.D., Molecular Biology and Genetics, University of Notre Dame
  • M.S., Microbiology, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Faculty Profile