Student with a manufacturing robotIndustrial & Manufacturing Engineering, A.S.

The industrial and manufacturing engineering (IME) associate degree provides you with the skills required to positively impact a company’s bottom line. This is accomplished through a study of those topics which directly contribute to the efficiency and effectiveness of an organization’s manufacturing operations, such as simulation, lean manufacturing, quality management, automation, safety, and environmental issues.

Producing well-rounded engineers

In addition to manufacturing and engineering classes, Indiana Tech’s IME program also requires business classes so graduates can easily become entrepreneurs or advance to management. Not only will students get the tools they need to solve manufacturing problems, but they’ll also learn to be well-rounded, versatile business people. Graduates will also be intimately familiar with Six Sigma, lean manufacturing and automation—skills that are greatly desired by manufacturing employers and can be applied virtually anywhere.

What do IME graduates do?

The associate degree in industrial and manufacturing engineering prepares you for positions such as:

  • Industrial engineer
  • Quality engineer
  • Manufacturing engineer
  • Environmental health and safety engineer

Graduates with an associate degree also can continue into the bachelor’s degree program to continue their education.

Earning this degree

College of Professional Studies

This is for adult students who are interested in taking evening or weekend classes at an accelerated pace.

Course Curriculum