Students roleplaying in a psychology classChild Development, B.S.

We all agree that children need support and guidance as they grow into healthy successful adults. At Indiana Tech you will focus on the methods and strategies to positively impact that development and learn how to be a successful advocate for children. 

The Bachelor of Science in Child Development program is designed to teach you to the stages of development from infancy through adolescence and the ways that society and nature can impact how individuals grow and develop. 

The specific goals of the program are to:

  • Observe and assess children’s development levels
  • Examine the importance of child advocacy at all ages
  • Provide a foundational knowledge-base on the current research on child development, including typical and atypical cognitive, physical, and socioemotional development
  • The impact of culturally diverse values and societal attitudes can have on child development

The curriculum also includes course requirements intended to prepare students interested in further graduate study and research.

Career opportunities

A child development degree prepares a student for a flexible job future. Child development majors earn positions in such fields as:

  • Preschool/Childcare Center Director
  • Preschool Teacher
  • Teaching Assistant
  • Social Services/Community Services Manager
  • Child Protective Services Worker
  • School Psychologist (this is a recommended bachelor’s degree to obtain a Masters Degree as a School Psychologist)

Earning this degree


This is for students who want a traditional, on-campus college experience.

Course Curriculum

College of Professional Studies

This is for adult students who are interested in taking evening or weekend classes at an accelerated pace.

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