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Discovery Track

It’s okay if you don’t have your career mapped out. Indiana Tech’s Discovery Track program can help you chart your course.

Indiana Tech’s Discovery Track program (formerly known as Exploratory Track) helps undecided students identify and research career options that align with their talents and interests. When you are in Discovery Track, you will complete general education courses while working with professors and advisors to help you discover your greatest strengths and areas of passion. Once you are able to define a career choice, your coursework will transfer into an associate or bachelor’s degree program. You may remain in Discovery Track for two semesters or until you accumulate 30 credits (not including developmental courses).

The Discovery Track Approach

  • When you start out as a Discovery Track student, you take classes in a cohort. Being able to exchange ideas and collaborate with your peers can be helpful when trying to identify your career path.
  • Indiana Tech requires that all traditional students take its University Experience course. As a Discovery Track student, your University Experience course will include ample career-oriented content.
  • An additional Career Education class is being made available to Discovery Track students to expand on the career education they receive in the University Experience class.

For more information about Indiana Tech’s Discovery Track program, contact your admissions counselor or email

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