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Web Development, B.S.

School of Computer Sciences

With a degree in web development from Indiana Tech, you will amass the right knowledge and skills to conceptualize and build sophisticated websites for a wide range of enterprises. You will be immersed in concept development and front-end design, content strategy, database design and management and more. Our program will ensure that you are equipped to excel at website development and capitalize on the unceasing demand for interactive online experiences.

Why choose Indiana Tech?

  • You will learn not just about technology, but also how to think strategically about the needs and interests of a site’s users, how to solve problems, how to collaborate and implement and how to assess results.
  • You will have the opportunity to work on multiple projects for regional businesses and non-profits, which will give you real-world experience and help you build your work portfolio.
  • You will learn how to work effectively and communicate with a wide range of audiences and collaborative team members.
  • You will have access to industry internships that will help you learn career skills, gain experience, and develop contacts for career placement after graduation. Graduates of our program have gone on to work at Apple, Amazon and a host of Fortune 500 and web development firms across the country.
  • Indiana Tech fosters an active learning environment, enriched by instructors who possess years of experience in their respective fields.
Tessa Wilkins

Tessa Wilkins
B.S. in Digital & Graphic Design, 2018
Tess is a freelance graphic designer who has used her creativity and work ethic to rise to prominence within Indiana’s craft brewing industry.Whi... Read full story

Careers in this Degree

Graduates with this degree have pursued careers in the following fields:

  • Advertising and marketing
  • Business/Retail
  • Banking/Finance/Commerce
  • Consulting
  • Health care
  • Entertainment

Job Outlook

Below are some of the potential career opportunities available to graduates with this degree. Additionally, you will find national statistics for average annual salaries and projected job growth, as identified by statistics. Salaries can vary based on the market in which you live and the prior experience you bring to the position.

  • Web developer $69,430/year

Job outlook through 2028: 13 percent increase

  • Computer programmer $82,280/year

Job outlook through 2028: 7 percent decrease

  • Database administrator $90,070/year

Job outlook through 2028: 9 percent increase

Warriors in the Workplace

Indiana Tech graduates with this degree have earned jobs at:

  • Nexus Tecnnology Partners
  • CodeClouds IT Solutions

Internship Opportunities

Indiana Tech students pursuing this degree have interned with:

  • Brotherhood Mutual Insurance
  • Glenbrook Hyundai
  • AudioVault USA
  • BabyFirst TV
  • DuCharme, McMillen & Assoc.
  • Kool Smiles Dentistry
  • Parkview Mirro Center for Research and Innovation
  • Smith Walbridge Clinic
  • Matilda Jane Clothing

Dr. Stephanos Mavromoustakos

Program Lead

Dr. Mavromoustakos’ academic, research and professional expertise is on web engineering, human-computer interaction and information security. He has more than 25 years of experience as a professor, consultant, project manager, analyst and programmer. Most recently, he taught undergraduate- and graduate-level computer science courses at the University of Windsor in Ontario, Canada.