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Management, Executive M.B.A.

College of Business

With an Executive MBA concentrating in management, you will possess the skills needed to be a successful leader in today’s competitive business world. Tech’s MBA program focuses on examining an organization from a functional, strategic approach. This approach includes emphasis on management, marketing, finance, accounting and economic principles in both the domestic and international marketplaces.

Businesses need competent managers who can think big picture. They’re responsible for planning, organizing, directing and controlling a company’s activities on a daily basis. On a higher level, management extends further into analyzing data, increasing efficiency and making strategic decisions. The most successful managers are those who possess strong communication skills, interpersonal skills and problem-solving skills.

Student Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this degree program, you will be able to:

  • Demonstrate advanced knowledge in the functional areas of business
  • Analyze and identify external opportunities and threats, and propose strategic solutions
  • Apply ethical decision-making to resolve problems
  • Communicate effectively with a high level of interpersonal skills
  • Utilize technology as a tool for business strategy
  • Interpret and provide a broader context using financial and non- financial information
  • Effectively lead a designated group of employees

Careers in this Degree

Below are potential career opportunities available to graduates with this degree. Additionally, you will find national statistics for average annual salaries and projected job growth, as identified by statistics. Salaries can vary based on the market in which you live and the prior experience you bring to the position.

Job Outlook

  • Administrative Services Manager $98,890/year

Job outlook through 2029: 6 percent increase

  • Sales Manager $132,290/year

Job outlook through 2029: 4 percent increase

  • Financial Manager $134,180/year

Job outlook through 2029: 15 percent increase

  • Management Analyst $87,660/year

Job outlook through 2029: 11 percent increase