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Business Administration – Management Information Systems, B.S.

College of Business

Management information systems (MIS) is one of nine concentrations offered in our business administration bachelor’s degree program. If you love solving problems, working with cutting-edge technology and with people, the management information systems concentration might be right for you.

Technology improves people’s lives. Through the efficient collection, analysis, and processing of data, organizations can use technology to store, distribute, and secure information for the public. Organizations always need skilled workers who can create and manage these data processes, however.

A Focus on Integrity of Data

Many academic institutions only offer one course, often as an elective, in data processing. We offer two: the first is dedicated entirely to understanding the structure and design of a database system, and ensuring the integrity of the data. The second, database application development, is a progression from the first course and teaches students to create needed objects and programming logic to access and utilize data.

Security is Key

Indiana Tech’s program excels in the extra attention given to information security. As organizations convert a wider range of information into digital form, and with the increasing demand to access that data on a wide variety of devices, anywhere you go, it’s necessary to take precautions to prevent that data from being accessed by unauthorized parties.

Lucrative Career Opportunities

Especially with the increase in data being stored online, now is the time to pursue a career in MIS. Our graduates have a high rate of job placement after they finish the program, and go on to become:

  • Systems analysts
  • Business analysts
  • Information technology managers
  • Project managers
  • Data modelers
  • Technical support specialists

Career Outlook

A B.S. in Business Administration – Management Info. Systems from Indiana Tech prepares you for a wide variety of in-demand careers. Below, you can explore career fields, salary information and employer demand from our partners at Lightcast, the leading labor market and career data provider in the U.S.

Job Outlook