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A Great Career in
Life Science is in Reach

Indiana Tech’s degrees in biology, health science and forensic science will help you grasp it and make it your own.

You might see yourself as a doctor. Or in a research lab. Helping people in a clinic. Solving the puzzle by working with evidence. Teaching the next generation. Developing biotechnology that will change the world.  You might not even know for sure yet. But you’ve got curiosity, a love of science and the desire to make a difference. You want to create your own path. Indiana Tech’s life science programs are designed for you.

Indiana Tech’s life science programs—biology, health science and forensic science—provide you with a complete range of degree choices, leading to compelling career paths in medical, allied health, research, and related fields. They prepare you to immediately enter the workforce, as well as pursue graduate studies. Among the many options available to you with an Indiana Tech degree: medical, dental, and veterinary school; and careers in such fields as medical technology, pharmaceuticals, forensic investigation, industrial and forensic laboratory technology, biotechnology, science education, and much more.


Our biology program centers on molecular environmental biology, providing you with skills and experience that can be immediately applied to the workforce or to continued training and graduate school. It includes biology, chemistry, physics, math and social sciences coursework, along with science communication, leadership and professional development opportunities to produce exceptionally well-rounded students.

This combination of instruction and real-world experiences will prepare you well for:

  • Medical and veterinary school, and other graduate programs
  • Careers in:
    • Research and diagnostic analysis
    • Biotechnology
    • Public health and public policy
    • Conservation
    • Science writing and communication
Health Science

The Indiana Tech health science program will prepare you for immediate placement in a wide range of clinical and allied health care careers that are in high demand across the country.

Coursework that includes anatomy, physiology, health care management, data analysis, psychology and biomedical research will qualify you for careers in:

  • Allied health fields
  • Medical technology
  • Clinical and home health care
  • Pharmaceuticals

Our degree program will give students a solid foundation so that they may continue schooling to become a dentist, pharmacist or physician assistant, or go on to another health-related graduate degree program.

Forensic Science

Our Forensic Science program will prepare you for a variety of laboratory-based and advanced forensic science careers.

Coursework includes molecular biology, genetics, biochemistry, analytical chemistry and statistics, designed to provide you with the knowledge, skills and experience to immediately step into successful careers in:

  • Forensic lab analysis
  • Law enforcement, corporate and industrial laboratories
  • Microbiology and genetics-based fields
  • Biotechnology
  • Government agencies
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