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Keep Teaching

Taking your class to an online environment

A variety of circumstances might require you to temporarily take your class online with minimal notice, including a campus closure, increased absenteeism during a flu outbreak or a family emergency requiring your presence elsewhere. This guide will provide you with some actions to take when making that shift quickly.

Step 1

Ten things to consider when you have to move your class online quickly.

Get Started

Step 2

Suggested ways to accomplish key tasks and address common challenges.


Step 3

A series of Blackboard modules introducing tools that can help during a prolonged disruption.


Visit the new Warrior Faculty Lounge for help

Visit our new Blackboard Course named Warrior Faculty Lounge. Here, you can find support, resources and tools to transition to the online teaching environment. Please self-enroll in the course at Warrior_Faculty_Lounge: IT Warrior Faculty Lounge.

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