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Conference Theme

Internationalization of Business Education

Globalization has catalyzed the need for increasing internationalization in a range of contexts, from higher education and non-profit institutions to multinational corporations. The development of global competence among the workforce and leadership of these organizations has never been more important to their success and to our faculty and students. Addressing this growing trend, this IACBE virtual conference is dedicated to the theme of exploring perspectives on the internationalization of business education.

Globalization refers to the ‘Economic, political, and societal forces pushing 21st century organizations toward greater international involvement’.  The articles and reports in this folder focus on these larger forces affecting societies and organizations and creating implications for leaders with respect to how they lead and to what end.

Internationalization is ‘the process of integrating an international, intercultural, or global dimension into the purpose, functions, or delivery of post-secondary education’.  The articles and reports in this folder focus on internationalization in the higher education context and leadership of this process.