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Old Florence House Key Tattoo

I got the tattoo of my old house key here in Florence for a couple reasons. For one, I do not like spending money on souvenirs that could be lost by time.  So, a tattoo was an everlasting souvenir, for me, to always remind me of Florence. As for why I chose my key, it was to show that I once had a home here in Florence as I studied abroad. The skeleton key symbolized my stay here. The actual key part can also be seen as a version of the city scape (abstractly maybe) but to me it represents the city of Florence. And the other end we changed to match how most old Florentine keys looked like and how their true style was when they were original. And although I moved apartments, I still choose to get this because it was my first month and my first experiences here in Florence when I still felt out of place, but now I’m starting to feel more at home and less of a tourist. Although I moved, it shows me I have learned a lot in Florence especially about myself. MaKaylee Banuelos   
Tattoo of an old house key in Florence