Student giving a presentationCommunication, B.A.

Communication is an essential part of life. Consider the global economy we live in today—products can be bought, sold, shipped and delivered across the globe in a matter of hours. Cultures and societies the world over are separated by a few clicks of the mouse. Truly, businesses, organizations, and society in general rely on good communicators for success. This degree hones your ability to listen, understand, and share information.

Indiana Tech’s communication degree offers students a well-rounded educational experience blending a variety of courses in communications, business, humanities, psychology, and social sciences. Coursework emphasizes understanding how social, cultural, and economic diversity affects the way people and organizations communicate.

The program combines a sound foundation of communication theories and principles with practical application to prepare students to be effective communicators in today’s complex world.

Career opportunities

A communications degree prepares a student for a flexible job future. Communications majors earn positions in such fields as:

  • Corporate media relations
  • Event planning
  • Public relations
  • Advertising
  • Marketing

Earning this degree


This is for students who want a traditional, on-campus college experience.

Accelerated Learning

This degree is included in our 3 to Degree program, where students can earn their degree in just six semesters.

Course Curriculum