Exploratory Track

The Exploratory Track is a stepping stone for students who are committed to a quality college education, but unsure which major is best for them.

This program allows you to complete general education courses and to discover the variety of educational options open to you. Professors and advisors work with exploratory students to help you discover your greatest strengths and areas of passion. Your coursework is then transferred into an associate or bachelor’s degree program. You may remain in the exploratory track for two semesters or 30 credits (not including developmental courses).

Computer Science Exploratory Track

If you know you’re interested in computer science, but aren’t sure which facet of the field is best for you, consider the computer science exploratory track. This one-semester program explores the options in the School of Computer Sciences.

In the computer science exploratory track, you’ll be assigned a faculty member from the School of Computer Sciences. In your first semester, you’ll take a math and English course as well as three computer science courses determined by your math placement. You’ll also be assigned to a special University Experience section designed to give you a realistic view of all of the computer sciences programs, their job opportunities, skills required, work environments, and the grades needed to be successful.

The University Experience course also will feature a professor from each program coming in and talking about their area of study so that you get to interact with all faculty members while learning about the different opportunities within the School of Computer Sciences.

Prior to registering for the spring semester you’ll meet with your advisor to discuss grades, interests, and the programs to determine which program you should enter for the second semester.