Dave Aschliman Dave Aschliman Dean M.S., Purdue University Senior Engineering Projects
Peggy Canales Peggy Canales Associate Professor Ph.D., Purdue University Engineering Communications, Manufacturing, Manufacturing Processes, Safety Engineering
Kevin G. Davis-Smith Kevin G Davis-Smith Assistant Dean - CPS, Assistant Professor of Information Systems M.S. in Technical Communications MIS and Professional Communications, and Grant Writing under the College of Engineering
Steve Dusseau Steve Dusseau Professor Ph.D., University of Missouri - Rolla Business Statistics, Engineering Communication, Engineering Management, Quality Control, Statistics
Sagnika Ghosh Sagnika Ghosh Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering Ph. D., University of Memphis Signals & Systems, Linear Controls, Electronics Laboratory
Jerome Heaven Jerome Heaven Professor M.S., Temple University Algebra, Calculus, Graph Theory
Mohammadreza Khani Mohammadreza Khani Assistant Professor of Computer Engineering M.Sc., California State University, Fullerton, Computer Engineering, Computer Architecture
Naga Musunuri Naga Aditya Musunuri Assistant Professor, Mechanical and Energy Engineering Ph.D., New Jersey Institute of Technology ME Design, Senior Design Project
Anna Nagle Anna Nagle Assistant Professor Ph.D., University of Cincinnati Biomechanics, Computer Programming for Engineers, BME Senior Project
Max Ortega Maximo Ortega Associate Professor Ph.D., SUNY Buffalo Computer Integrated Manufacturing, Computer Integrated Manufacturing Systems, Dynamics, Statics
Jack Phlipot Jack Phlipot Associate Professor MBA, Indiana Tech Medical Device Design, Parametric Modeling
John Renie John Renie Associate Professor Ph.D., Purdue University Energy Systems Designs, Ethanol and Biofuels Production, Fluid Mechanics, Thermodynamics, Wind and Solar for the Grid
David Rumsey David Rumsey Associate Professor Ph.D., Bowling Green University Calculus, Circuit Analysis, Fields and Waves, Linear Algebra, Probability and Statistics
Gaylene Sherman-Mertz Gaylene Sherman-Mertz Assistant Professor of Developmental Mathematics
Brad Shank Brad Shank Associate Professor M.A., Ball State University Databases, Engineering Graphics & Design, Programming & Logic, Software Tools
Suky Su Suky Su Assistant Professor of Mathematics
Thomas D. Tran Thomas D. Tran Assistant Professor of Mechanical and Energy Engineering Ph.D., University of Utah Fluid Mechanics, Fluid Mechanics Lab, Theory of Machines
Craig Welch Craig Welch Associate Professor M.S., University of Wisconsin - Madison Engineering Graphics and Design, Heat Transfer, Fluids, Statics and Dynamics
Dale Wright Dale Wright Assistant Professor M.S, Grace Seminary Algebra, Trigonometry