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Teacher Candidate Outcomes and Measures

Candidate Admission Characteristics and Outcomes

The average scores of candidates admitted to the teacher education program during the past 3 academic years are found in the table below:


Clinical Practice Requirements and Outcomes

Field Experiences are the heart and joy of teacher education. Indiana Tech students spend time working with students in K-12 schools every semester!

  • Field/Clinical Hours Required: 320
  • Length of Student Teaching: 16 Weeks
  • Percentage of Candidates Successfully Completing Student Teaching in 2016-2017: 100%

Program Completer Characteristics and Outcomes

The majority of Indiana Tech School of Education graduates are employed in public and private schools, day cares, and other education related fields.

Completer Employment Status
Employed in a position for which they were prepared
Employed in education outside of their preparation program
Enrolled in Higher Education
Employed outside of Education
Employment status unknown

Surveys of program completers in 2015-2106 showed that 96% of graduates were satisfied with the education program!

Candidate Impact on P-12 Student Performance

Indiana Tech School of Education graduates are overwhelmingly rated by their Principals  as Effective or Highly Effective Teachers in their first 3 years of teaching!



EffectiveHighly Effectivenot rated
2015-2016Indiana Tech

no data reported from state, less than 10 completers

2014-2015Indiana Tech6.25%68.75%18.75%6.25%
State Data.39%1.60%48.65%39.97%9.39%
2013-2014Indiana Tech14.28%64.28%21.42%
State Data.33%1.78%53.89%35.35%8.64%

For the last 3 years, over 81% of principals and mentor teachers rated our student teachers and graduates as good or excellent!

Completer GPA

School of Education graduatesIndiana Tech graduates

Indiana Tech School of Education graduates have a higher GPA than other graduates of IT. This may be due, in part, to our mission which is to provide under-served and first generation students with a pathway to a college degree and expanded career opportunities. In order to be accepted into the SOE, a 3.0 GPA is required and must be maintained.