Candidate Experiences

After admission to the licensure programs in Indiana Tech’s School of Education, junior and senior level students participate in a series of increasingly intensive and extensive practicums designed to prepare them for entry into the teaching profession.

While participating in candidate experiences, students are expected to adhere to the expectations and meet all benchmarks outlined in the Candidate Handbook.

Methods Practicums

In preparation for Student Teaching, junior and senior level candidates participate in a series of methods practicums. During this practicums, ranging from 60 to 120 hours per semester, candidates will work under the guidance of a licensed master teacher. Candidates will participate in experiences such as individual tutoring, small group work, reviewing homework, and teaching lessons. Across each semester, candidates will be required to plan, teach and assess four lessons.

Student Teaching

Student teaching is considered the culminating experience for teacher candidates. Student teaching at the Indiana Tech School of Education consists of 16 weeks of full time work in a PreK-12 classroom under the guidance of a licensed master teacher. During the placement(s), candidates will gradually increase their teaching responsibility until they have responsibility for teaching every subject/class period for a minimum of 4 weeks. Candidates will be observed 4 times during the semester by a university supervisor and complete a Teacher Work Sample portfolio as the signature assessment for the semester.