Alumni Holly Fox giving individualized attention to a studentSpecial Education: Mild Intervention

Special education teachers, like all educators, do more than a job. They inspire and empower K-12 students to reach their individual potential. Special educators are driven by a passion for teaching children to develop healthy minds, bodies and social skills and helping students transition to adulthood. Indiana Tech understands the important role that special educators play in the development of all children, including those with differing abilities. Our special education program prepares you to teach elementary, middle and high school students in a variety of settings.

Share your passion

We know that teaching is a calling for many people. Special educators are driven by a passion for interacting with and shaping the minds of young people. As a special education teacher, you will teach the whole child. Indiana Tech shares that passion, which is why our Bachelor of Science in special education: mild intervention stands out.

A practical, hands-on approach

We believe that in-the-field practicum experiences in public or private school settings help our students develop important skills. This keeps the curriculum fresh and flexible, and helps students learn to adjust to real-life settings easily. Our students are up-to-date in modern teaching practices, with a curriculum strong in technology, instructional methodology, classroom management, behavioral and motivational strategies and diversity.

Four values central to our graduates

We stress a hands-on model of learning in the majority of our coursework. Four themes run strong throughout the program and are ingrained in our graduates:

  • Knowledge of content, context, human development and pedagogy
  • Skills and disposition of a reflective practitioner who considers the impact of actions
  • Respect and appreciation for diversity
  • Professionalism in all aspects of his/her career 

These concepts are stressed in every aspect of our program, leading to caring, responsible, passionate educators.

Earning this degree


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