Students discussing integration of technology in mathmaticsSecondary Mathematics Education 5-12, B.S.

Teaching is a calling for many people. Being a math teacher is profession that is fueled by a passion for interacting with young people and helping shape their minds. You’ll be given the chance to share your love of math with others in a real way! Indiana Tech shares that passion, which is why our Bachelor of Science in secondary mathematics education* stands out.

A practical, hands-on approach

We believe that in-the-field practicum experiences in public or private school settings help our students develop important skills. This approach keeps the curriculum fresh and flexible, and helps students adjust to real-life settings easily. Our students are up-to-date in modern teaching practices, with a curriculum strong in technology, instructional methodology, classroom management, motivational strategies and diversity.

Four values central to our graduates

We stress a hands-on model of learning in the majority of our coursework. Four themes run strong throughout the program and are ingrained in our graduates:

  • Knowledge of content, context, human development and pedagogy
  • Skills and disposition of a reflective practitioner who considers the impact of actions
  • Respect and appreciation for diversity
  • Professionalism in all aspects of his/her career

These concepts are stressed in every aspect of our program to develop caring, responsible and passionate mathematics teachers.

Earning this degree


This is for students who want a traditional, on-campus college experience.

Course Curriculum