Success Stories

A marketing brochure will only go so far in showing you how an Indiana Tech education can prepare you well for a successful career. That’s why we work hard to stay in touch with our graduates so we can develop their Success Stories. First and foremost, we are proud of our graduates and we love letting the world know about their outstanding accomplishments. Secondly, there is no one better to illustrate the impact of an Indiana Tech degree than one who has walked across our commencement stage and dived headlong into his or her career.

Mattew Souvannasing

Matthew Souvannasing

major: BS Digital Graphics and Design
Marketing Coordinator at ECP Incorporated

I am a Marketing Coordinator. I’ve been creating point of sales materials, videos, use green screen and more.

I currently am in the process of a few projects, some include, trade show banners, corporate video, and creating an online training program, with quizzes and tests.

Tom Stahura

Tom Stahura

major: B.S. Computer Security and Investigation
Network Security Engineer at Fredrikson and Byron, PA

I apply security risk assessment methodology to system development, analyze IA security events including threat model development and resulting security risk analysis of systems.

Brandon Parker

major: B.S. Web Development
eCommerce Front End Developer at CDW

I still feel the same passion about web development as I did back with that old Macintosh with the 2400-baud modem. I have a personal quest to develop easy-to-use web sites which are efficient and clean. Being able to fuse together the ruff, gruff inner-workings of a website with a spectacular, attractive, and innovative design is my passion. The web has grown by leaps and bounds since I started my adventure into the world of web development and I can’t wait to be a part of what comes in the future.

Gus Walzer

Gus Walzer

major: B.S., Computer Networking
Specialist Senior

Currently I am a Specialist Senior that focuses on the topics related to network architecture and security, routing and switching, Linux scripting and security, and network security monitoring. This role has me working on a diverse set of projects in the Federal Financial Services market helping these departments and services understand the landscape of risk that their computer network and technology infrastructure pose to them.

My daily tasks are not fixed by any stretch. Some days I am performing interviews to help assess network device security postures, others I am wrangling vulnerability scan data for analysis purposes, and others yet I am helping develop discussion points and presentations for executives. In addition to these project-oriented tasks, I provide mentoring to new hire consultants that are just getting started in this area of work.

Eric Potter

Eric Potter

major: B.S. Computer Science
Software Architect

As a software architect for Aptera, my job is to design and implement custom software solutions for our clients. I am focused on building web and mobile applications. Our goal is to build tools for our clients that help them succeed in their industries. So part of my job is to find processes and technologies the fit with our customer’s needs.

As far back as I can remember, I have loved to build things and tinker with things. As a software engineer, I get to use languages like JavaScript and C# to build systems make people’s jobs easier. I also get to tinker with new languages and frameworks, so that I know what might be helpful to our users in the years to come. This continual learning process is part of why I love my job.