Emily Hill

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Internet Director & Manager
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Schnelker Marine
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New Haven, IN
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B.S., Business Administration - Management
Emily Hill

When I started at Indiana Tech I was pursuing a degree in Business Management. At 18, it’s hard to know exactly what you want to do for the rest of your life. I had an internship in Economic Development my senior year in high school which is what steered me towards business. I was nervous, not knowing what college would be like and didn’t feel very confident in my abilities.

Sometimes, you’re not able to see your own strengths but the faculty at Indiana Tech took the time to get to know me, watching for the areas that I excelled in without me even being aware.

Noticing my interest in computers, technology, and web in particular, one professor took the time to meet with me and discuss how I would feel about adding an Information Systems minor. This would have never crossed my mind, but it was a perfect fit. Defining my business degree in this way allowed me to now find a job where I can use my business experience as well as web development, marketing, and graphic design to do a variety of things across different fields.

My friends that attended larger schools would talk about their “auditorium” style classes where the professor never even knew they existed, much less take the time to give them real life advice.

In my four years at Indiana Tech, I built relationships with professors that will last a lifetime. I have mentors there that I know I can always turn to when I have questions or need advice. It was not uncommon to be greeted by name in the hallways by a professor even if I had not had a class with them.

I was honored to graduate as the top student in the College of Business, as well as being inducted into Alpha Chi. Starting my college career under-confident, I never dreamed that this would be a reality for me. I also received awards for internships that I completed throughout my time at Indiana Tech which strengthened my belief in my abilities and gave me the confidence to try new things.

After four years, my greatest take away is that when you surround yourself with the right people, you can grow in ways that you never thought possible.