Tim Allwein Tim Allwein Associate Vice President, Director of the Office of Quality and Accreditation, Associate Professor of Business MBA, Indiana University
Gail Amstutz Gail Amstutz Assistant Professor MBA, Taylor University Accounting
Lisa Brown Lisa Brown Assistant Professor MBA, University of Phoenix Accounting, Finance, Corporate Taxation
Kayla Crecelius Kayla Crecelius Director, Assistant Professor M.S., Ball State University Fashion Marketing
Craig Dyer Craig Dyer Associate Professor MBA, Indiana Tech Sports Management
Robert Freewalt Robert Freewalt Associate Professor MBA, Northwestern University Accounting, Economics, Financial Management
Shane Fudge Shane Fudge Assistant Professor of Sports Management Ph.D., University of Canberra Introduction to Sport Management, Sport Facilities and Event Management, Foundations of Business, Microeconomics
Sherrill Hamman Sherrill Hamman Associate Professor M.S. Accounting
Crystal Karn Crystal Karn Assistant Professor Ph.D., Indiana Tech Financial Services, Organizational Behavior
Lisa Kindred Lisa Kindred Assistant Dean - CPS, Assistant Professor MHRM, Rutgers University
Scott Liebhauser Scott Liebhauser Assistant Professor of Business Doctorate, Regent University Business, Leadership, Management Courses
Josh Long Joshua Long Associate Professor, Economics; Interim Director of Ph.D. Program Ph.D., Capella University Macroeconomics, Microeconomics, Managerial Economics, Research Methods
Staci Lugar-Bretin Staci Lugar Brettin Assistant Professor Doctor of Business Administration Advertising, Business Communications, Management, Marketing
Heidi Miller Heidi Miller Instructor MSM Foundations of Business, Management, Software Tools
Lisa Moeller Lisa Moeller Assistant Dean - CPS, Assistant Professor M.S. Business, Psychology
Christopher Nelson Christopher Nelson Assistant Professor of Business Marketing, Management
Jim Schaeffer James Schaffer Professor Ph.D., Indiana University Business Ethics, Management, Organizational Behavior
Tommy Tran Tommy Tran Instructor MBA Business, Labor Relations, Software Tools
Jeff Walls Jeffrey Walls Professor Ed.D., Ball State University Global Leadership, Human Resources, Management, Marketing