Student instructing another student lifting weightsFitness & Recreation, B.S.

Are you a sports enthusiast with great memories of youth or adult league play at your hometown’s YMCA or parks and recreation department? Do you have a passion for coaching or helping others discover recreational activities that fit their lifestyle? Would you like to serve as role model who inspires others to stay healthy and fit? If these qualities motivate you, perhaps a degree in fitness and recreation could turn your passion into a career.

Fitness and recreation professionals work with individuals and manage athletic and fitness centers to help people of all ages pursue healthy lifestyles.  This program is designed to help you build a strong foundation of knowledge about the fitness and recreation industry. It will prepare you to lead a community recreation facility or your own fitness or recreation business.

A broad, practical knowledge base

The broad scope of this degree program will introduce students to the many career options available in this field, and it will give them the knowledge base necessary to be successful in whatever career path they choose. We believe that in-the-field practicum experiences in public or private settings help our students develop important skills. Students will have the opportunity to work alongside fitness and recreation professionals through field experiences and internships.

Flexible career options

Students graduating with a degree in fitness and recreation from Indiana Tech can find jobs in many sectors. In addition to being prepared for graduate study in areas such as nutrition and athletic promotion, our students have found jobs such as:

  • Children’s Program Coordinator
  • Sport Program Director
  • Camp Counselor
  • Athletic Department Assistant
  • Community Outreach Director

A Tech success story

Caleb Schannep
B.S., Fitness and Recreation, 2016

Long before achieving his fitness and recreation degree in 2016, Caleb applied the skills he was learning in his Indiana Tech classrooms out in the Fort Wayne community. Leading up to graduation, he was a pre-school/youth staff supervisor for Fort Wayne Parks and Recreation, a teaching assistant with Fort Wayne Community Schools and the head soccer coach for Woodlan High School for a season.

Caleb used that experience and networking to earn two full-time post-graduation positions, the most recent being as a program director for the YMCA of Greater Fort Wayne.

“Choosing to pursue a major in fitness and recreation was a perfect fit, since my passion is to work with youth, adults and sports,” Caleb said. “My internship led me to my first job out of college as the program coordinator for Fort Wayne Parks and Recreation.”

Caleb’s new role involves planning programming for the Y’s child care services.

Earning this degree


This is for students who want a traditional, on-campus college experience.

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