Board Schedule

Dates for the submission of Applications for the Review of Human Subjects Research and required attachments, along with subsequent notifications for the year are listed below. Applications for expedited or full review that are submitted after the first of any given month will be addressed in the following or subsequent month. Exemption applications will be reviewed on an ongoing basis throughout the year and IRB notification of an exemption can be expected within two days of the application submission. Incomplete applications will be returned to the investigator and, upon satisfactory submission of a complete application, it will be reviewed in accordance with the schedule below.

Month 2019 Applications Due Exemption Notifications Expedited Review Notifications Full Review Notifications
January January 1 Ongoing January 3 January 15
February February 1 Ongoing February 5 February 15
March March 1 Ongoing March 5 March 15
April April 1 Ongoing April 3 April 15
May May 1 Ongoing May 3 May 15
June June 1 Ongoing June 4 June 14
July July 1 Ongoing July 3 July 15
August August 1 Ongoing August 5 August 15
September September 1 Ongoing September 4 September 16
October October 1 Ongoing October 3 October 15
November November 1 Ongoing November 5 November 15
December December 1 Ongoing December 3 December 13